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Did you know that rodents have been known to eat the insulation around the wiring in your car? They can even build their nests in the engine bay and chew straight through wires entirely. Naturally, this can be a big problem! Our technicians can help with things like repairing severed wires. But, to prevent rodents from getting in your car in the first place, you'll want to try some DIY preventative measures. Here are four ways to keep rodents out of your car, courtesy of the experts at Mike Shaw Subaru in the Denver metro area.

This wire has been chewed by a pest like a mouse or rat, from the outer insulation to the wire itself inside

4. Leave The Hood Open

Pests like mice and rats like to nest in warm, concealed areas, which is why the engine bay of your car can be an appealing option for them. One way you can reduce how much shelter your car provides is by popping the hood. This will let light into the engine bay, and may discourage pests from taking up residence inside your car. Perhaps they'll move on to someplace else that provides a little more shelter.

3. Employ Traps & Repellents

Just like keeping pests out of your home, sometimes it becomes necessary to trap mice and rats if they're attempting to infiltrate your vehicle. You can try repellants like mothballs and peppermint oil, which have been known to keep rodents away, as a preventative measure. Or, you might consider purchasing a few traditional traps from the local hardware store. If you do, consider stashing a couple traps on the tops of the front wheels. The rodents will typically climb onto the wheel first, in order to get into the engine bay. Taking away this entrance can protect your wires.

There are hundreds, even thousands of feet of wire running throughout a modern car

2. Capsaicin Tape

This might be the most creative solution to your pest problem. Developed specifically for this purpose, special rodent tape is laced with capsaicin, the chemical that gives spicy foods their intense heat. You can wrap your wiring harness and seal up entrances using this tape. If a pest starts to chew on the tape, they'll get an unpleasant surprise! Rodent tape will encourage your neighborhood rodent population to steer clear of your engine.

1. Sound Makers

Lastly, special devices that emit an ultrasonic frequency that's not audible to humans (but really, really annoying to rodents) can be installed under the hood of your car. You won't hear much of anything, but any nearby pests will hear a piercing sound that drives them away. Such products can be a little more costly than some rodent tape or a bag of mothballs, but they're perhaps the most effective option.

This wire was chewed through entirely, which surely created all sorts of electrical problems in this car

If you suspect rodents have made their home in your vehicle's engine bay, or they've been chewing your wires and wiring insulation, swing by Mike Shaw Subaru so we can look over the damage. We can not only fix it, we can help you prevent pests from returning to your car again.

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