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If you've been involved in an accident, we don't have to tell you what a stressful situation that can be. It can be hard to think about how your car should be repaired with everything else on your mind. But, when it comes time to have body panel sheet metal repairs carried out on your Subaru, you should know the differences between OEM and aftermarket options. The aftermarket parts used at third-party garages may not be approved by the Subaru factory. The mechanics there may not have the tools or the know-how to follow the recommended repair procedures. Ultimately, you may be left with an inferior repair than what you'd get from the factory-trained technicians at the Mike Shaw Subaru service department.

We've found three reasons why aftermarket body panels are less desirable than genuine, OEM parts approved by Subaru. Read on to learn more.

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3. Aftermarket Body Panels Aren't Covered By Your New Subaru Warranty

Now more than ever, original OEM parts manufactured by Subaru can typically be found to repair your Subaru model, old or new. However, some third-party garages will agree to repair your car using generic aftermarket body panels that aren't approved by Subaru. Because Subaru cannot vouch for the quality of non-OEM parts, these components may not be covered by your new Subaru warranty.

Particularly if your Subaru vehicle is still under warranty, you'll want to avoid having aftermarket components installed on your car. If those parts fail, sustain damage or cause damage to other parts of your vehicle, the warranty coverage may not extend to those parts. That means you'll have to pay for any necessary repairs out-of-pocket.

That's why we think it's best to have all repairs carried out by an authorized Subaru dealer using genuine Subaru parts. If your new Subaru is still under warranty, all the work we carry out in our service center will also be covered.

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2. Authorized Subaru Technicians Have The Right Tools For The Job

When your car is involved in an accident, it often stores Diagnostic Trouble Codes in the vehicle's engine computer. Even if the check engine light isn't on, there may be data that can only be retrieved by an authorized Subaru technician using sophisticated OEM diagnostic tools. You won't find those same tools at third-party garages.

What's more, our technicians have more experience with Subaru engineering than anyone else in the Denver metro area! And since they have special Subaru tools, documentation, service bulletins and regularly receive training from the Subaru factory in the latest innovations, they'll always make sure your repairs are carried out correctly the first time. Every brand is different, and the repair methods, tools and procedures that may work for another car might not on your Subaru. To preserve the quality of your Subaru, make sure it's only repaired by authorised dealership experts.

In this illustration, the tire tread pattern spells out OEM, an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer

1. OEM Parts Will Always Fit Perfectly

Many aftermarket components are built generically to fit as many different vehicles as possible. This can compromise performance, fit and quality when used on your Subaru. Other parts might be made with your exact vehicle in mind, but -- since they're reverse-engineered by third-party manufacturers without help or authorization from Subaru -- they may not fit correctly. This can result in a vehicle that doesn't perform as well or isn't as durable in the event of another accident.

But, since OEM parts are identical to the parts that came on your car in the first place, you can rest assured that they'll fit perfectly on your car. Best of all, OEM parts are of the same long-lasting quality as the rest of your car. Cut-rate aftermarket parts may not provide the quality that you expect.

If your Subaru needs body panel replacement or repair, have the work carried out by the Subaru specialists at Mike Shaw Subaru (and our partners at Caliber Collision) for a quality, lasting repair every time.

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