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There's so much more technology available for your car's audio and infotainment system today then just a decade ago! This rapid advancement in car audio technology might have you feeling left behind if you're still enjoying a Subaru vehicle from before the days of touchscreen infotainment. But did you know you can have your car's factory sound system upgraded? At Mike Shaw Subaru, we can improve the quality of your sound system, add features and do it all while integrating components seamlessly with your car's interior and the rest of the audio system. Here are five things we think you should consider when upgrading your car's factory audio system.

This car has a touchscreen media center for controlling the audio system, navigation, Bluetooth and more

5. Upgrade Stock Speakers

The quality of the sound you hear in your car is only as good as the quality of your speakers. When you want to upgrade your car audio system without losing the factory look and feel of your interior, you might consider replacing your existing speakers with nicer ones. Most stock car audio systems use a handful of full-range speakers. By replacing them with tweeters designed to more accurately reproduce high tones, mid-range speakers for the mids and a subwoofer for the bass, you'll get clearer sound with more dynamic range.

A variety of components, including speakers, amps and recievers, are ready to be installed

4. Add A Subwoofer To Improve Bass Response

Did you know that most cars don't come with a real subwoofer from the factory? Instead, the stock audio system in your car probably relies on the full-range speakers to recreate the bass tones in your music. Especially for today's heavy rock, electronic and hip-hop sounds, mediocre bass is simply unacceptable. Luckily, adding a subwoofer to your car's factory audio system can be an easy way to get that chest-pounding bass you've always wanted. Make sure that the subwoofer you choose works with your car's factory audio system and that it fits in your car without taking up too much space. We can help you select a subwoofer, install it and make sure it's housed properly so that it looks natural and doesn't cut into cargo space too much.

You can get rid of bulky 12V charge cords for your cellphone and get USB charging instead at Mike Shaw Subaru

3. Get Better Clarity With A New Amplifier

A stock car audio system typically features an amplifier that's been integrated into the head unit, also known as the receiver or simply the factory radio that's in your car's dash. It's probably sufficient to drive your car's stock speakers, but -- once you start adding things like subwoofers and high-fidelity speakers -- you may find that your car's stock amp is insufficient to drive the speakers. For the most powerful sound possible, consider adding a seperate amplifier to your car. It'll increase the output of your car's stereo so your speakers can deliver sound with power and clarity at any volume.

2. Upgrade The Head Unit For New Features & Technologies

Not so fond of your car's dashboard? Why not rip out the stereo and install something new! The head unit is the part of your car's audio system that lives in the dashboard. If you've got an older car with a button-operated radio, you can upgrade to features like Bluetooth® audio streaming, hands-free calling and texting, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ by having a new, touchscreen media center installed. You don't have to get a new ride to get the latest infotainment features -- you can get them installed on your car for a fraction of the cost of a new car.

1. Choose OEM Integration For A Seamless Upgrade

Of course, if your car is in good shape with a handsome dashboard that you're not eager to see cut up and rebuilt for a new audio system, ask about OEM integration. We can install new speakers, add a powerful amplifier and thunderous subwoofer and even add a USB charging and data cord so that you can take advantage of smartphone audio streaming -- all without changing the familiar look and feel of your car. When replacing the factory audio system is too expensive or impractical, the pros at Mike Shaw Subaru can still improve the quality of your music listening experience.

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