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Subaru Ascent: A Better Three-Row Crossover Option

The three-row crossover. It's a hot segment! That shouldn't exactly be a surprise to anyone. After all, if you've navigated the roads in and around Thornton, Westminister, and Broomfield, CO lately - you've no doubt encountered them by the boatload. The question, however, on many automotive enthusiasts minds has been when will Subaru get into the game? Well, we've got good news.

The offers all the legendary reliability and safety you've come to expect from the brand with the roominess and spaciousness you desire from a family-friendly vehicle. It's got that coveted third row seating and that means the Ascent easily accommodates anywhere from seven to eight passengers.

It's easily the largest model in the Subaru lineup at the time of this writing, but still maintains quality fuel efficiency ratings in spite of this. Did the factory sacrifice power in order to keep it "lean and green?" Absolutely not! In fact, it's a prolific towing vehicle and carries its size incredibly well due to the engine under the hood.

The Ascent also comes with an amazing amount of safety technology. That's been a calling card for this distinctive brand from day one with all their vehicles and the Ascent is just the latest to carry on that tradition. And let's face it: the Ascent also has a big "x-factor" going for it, as well. It's a Subaru.

Long time Subaru loyalists know that nothing comes close to this legendary brand. The quality, dependability, and reliability of Subaru vehicles match up or beat every other automaker on the planet. Want proof? Find one of your friends or neighbors who are currently driving a Subaru. Chances are that they will regale you with tales about getting hundreds of thousands of miles on one individual Subaru model.

Whether you are a long time Subaru loyalist or a first timer considering the brand, there's no doubt that the Ascent is quickly becoming one of the most popular three row crossovers on the market. As for where to go to get a great value on a new Ascent, that decision is easy. 

Mike Shaw Subaru offers a tremendous selection of models including the Ascent. Whether you are looking to purchase or lease, we'll make sure you get our absolute best deal on the model you want. Just check out all our new and online, pick out the vehicle you want and then contact us online to schedule a test drive.

Why a test drive? It's simple.

Nothing beats getting a real feel for how the vehicle drives and all the features it offers. One of our product specialists will also be happy to go over all the available savings programs on the Ascent when you arrive at our dealership located at 1650 W 104th Avenue Thornton, CO 80234.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head down to Mike Shaw Subaru today and get into a new Ascent. Be sure to bring the whole family with you. After all, there's plenty of room for everyone on the test drive!

The History of the Subaru Ascent

The Ascent made its debut as a concept vehicle at the 2017 New York International Auto Show. The vehicle was manufactured with the intent of becoming Subaru's flagship vehicle and their entrance into the highly sought after three-row crossover category. The Ascent also made history by being the largest Subaru ever produced by the manufacturer. It was originally offered in four trim levels and came standard with Subaru's all-wheel drive system.

Why Purchase or Lease a Subaru Ascent From Us?

Whether you are looking for a or stopping in for a regularly scheduled , our goal is to treat you to a first class customer experience at Mike Shaw Subaru. We invite you to explore all our products and services online and then come visit our state of the art dealership in person.