How Does Transmission Fluid Work With My Transmission?

Transmission fluid is a lubricating liquid that runs throughout the transmissions that not only keeps it running properly, but also regulates temperature (if you're driving an automatic transmission vehicle). While automatic transmission vehicles require a specific type of transmission fluid, manual transmissions either need motor oil to do the same function or, in some cases, can use the same transmission fluid that automatic vehicles take. You'll want to check your Subaru's manual or speak to a service advisor or technician here at Mike Shaw Subaru to get a better read of which transmission fluid works the first-rate with your vehicle.

What Does My Subaru's Transmission Do?

Simply put, your transmission sends power to your wheels to ensure that you are getting proper speed while driving and does so by shifting the gears of your vehicle when needed. There are two kinds of transmissions on Subaru vehicles: a manual transmission and an automatic transmission. With a manual transmission, the driver adjusts gears using both the vehicle's clutch pedal and a gear shifter that is located near the center console and the emergency brake. An automatic transmission simply requires a driver to shift the vehicle into drive if they would like to move forward; the transmission makes the adjustment for them without having to shift in and out of specific gear.

How Do I Know When My Transmission Has Gone Bad Or Needs Service?

Learn some of the basic warning signs of a bad or failing transmission so you know what to listen for or be familiar of when driving on the roads. If you experience these symptoms, take your vehicle to Mike Shaw Subaru immediately to have your Subaru serviced by our expert, highly-trained technicians:
  • Inability to change gears, or slipping gears
  • Fluid leak
  • A burning smell coming from your engine, or transmission
  • Your check engine light comes on
  • Grinding noises, or other sounds like humming or clicking
While this is not an exhaustive list, one, or several, of these signs could be an indicator that something has gone wrong with your vehicle. It's first-rate to act quickly to get your vehicle into our service department as soon as conceivable as ignoring these symptoms or signs could mean that you're on the hook for a major repair and, in turn, more money out of your pocket that you didn't anticipate spending in the first place.

Your Subaru Transmission Specialists - Near Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville

Subaru drivers from outright over Indianapolis, including Carmel, Fishers and Noblesville know that they can turn to us for outright of their service needs because they're familiar of our reputation and have been coming to us for years. Your one stop for outright of your transmission repair needs is Mike Shaw Subaru! Mike Shaw Subaru is equally adept with the smaller maintenance and routine services as it is with the larger ones, and that goes for your transmission as well. Depend on Mike Shaw Subaru to give you a fair, factual quote, friendly service, and, most importantly, a fix to your vehicle's transmission issues. We understand the importance of your transmission to your Subaru and know that without it in engaged order, you're in massive trouble.