152- Point Vehicle Inspection

Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru gets a 152-point safety inspection, 
where anything that doesn't meet our high standards is repaired or replaced. From brake pads to tire tread depth, our inspections are extensive and performed by genuine Subaru technicians. These reports are made available for your review. So you can be confident that your Subaru is fully checked, factory-covered and read for new adventures. 

RECALL NOTICE: Some vehicles offered for sale may be subject to unrepaired manufacturer safety recalls. To determine the recall status of a vehicle, visit www.safercar.gov or click here

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1.       Before Road test/hood open/trunk open

2.       Primary and secondary hood latch operation

3.       Radiator and cap

4.       Hoses and clamps

5.       Air filter

6.       Change oil filter

7.       Drive belt tension and condition

8.       Change engine oil

9.       Coolant

10.   Power steering fluid

11.   Brake fluid

12.   Clutch fluid*

13.   Fill windshield washer fluid

14.   I/C water bottle (filled less than ½ full during cold weather)*

15.   Clean battery (mounting cables, and ground straps)

16.   Specific gravity

17.   Electrolyte level

18.   Load test

19.   Spare tire pressure/tool kit/jack and handle

20.   Replace front & rear wiper blades




21.   Insert key in ignition/chime

22.   Key "ON"/check dash warning lights

23.   Turn "ON" rear defogger/ check indicator

24.   Windshield wipers and washer front /rear check*

25.   Headlights high/low alignment

26.   Dash illumination control and display

27.   Head light leveler operation*

28.   I/C water spray operation*

29.   Turn headlights to park position

30.   Hazard flashers

31.   Reverse lock out check*

32.   Shift Transmission to reverse/set parking brake check adjustment if necessary

33.   Clutch/brake pedal freeplay*

34.   Seat belts /warning lights

35.   Check for proper movement and operation of both front seats

36.   Cold weather package operation (heated seats, mirrors, and windshield)

37.   Fuel filter release

38.   Lighter and ashtray*

39.   Power outlet

40.   Trunk release*

41.   DTC check using Select Monitor

42.   Steering column parking lamp switch operation

43.   Sound horn

44.   DCCD display and manual mode operation (reset to automatic mode)*




45.   Fog lamps/aim*

46.   Turn signals (front & rear)

47.   Parking lamps

48.   License plate lamps

49.   Brake and high mount stop lamps

50.   Tail lamps

51.   Reverse lamps

52.   All front lamps

53.   Fuel filler cap operation




54.   Hazard flashers/parking lamps (door open/ignition "OFF")




55.   Turn signals/indicator lamps

56.   Brake lamps

57.   Remote mirror operation L/R

58.   Passenger airbag on/off and seatbelt warning light*

59.   Set clock

60.   Steering lock/tilt

61.   All seat adjustments

62.   Power window operation

63.   Sunroof operation

64.   Door locks

65.   Map/dome lights

66.   Radio/CD -set stations




67.   Rear defogger

68.   Door locks & door closing operation (key number/security code recorded)*

69.   Rear seat belts

70.   Security system*

71.   Child safety door locks (left unlocked)

72.   Door entry lights*




73.   Tire pressure, tread depth, orientation and condition

74.   Tire set match documented

75.   Wheel, wheel cover and trim check

76.   Check brakes, rotors, and calipers for specified parameters

77.   Wheel cylinders*

78.   Axle seals

79.   Lug nut torque

80.   Fluid leak check

81.   Complete exhaust system

82.   Steering linkage

83.   Struts

84.   Axles

85.   Bolts/bushings/fasteners

86.   Rear differential fluid level check and top off

87.   Other fluid leaks/damage


88. TPMS warning light check (should be off)*
89. Engine performance (cranking, idle, accel., etc.)
90. Transmission performance and warning lights
91. Clutch operation*
92. Clutch safety switch operation*
93. Steering wheel alignment
94. Steering performance (return, free-play, tracking)
95. Wheel balance (absence of vibration)
96. Brake operation
97. Gauges/speedometer/odometer operation and readings
98. Turn signal operation 
99. Cruise control operation
100. Vent/heater and A/C operation
101. Check for squeaks, rattles, vibrations, and wind noises
102. Tachometer alarm operation and reset*
103. Hill holder operation
104. VDC off switch*
105. Check that all keys start engine
106. Check for unusual noises
107. Parking brake operation
108. Emissions check as required by state or local laws
109. Re-check coolant, power steering and ATF levels
110. Re-check DTC
111. Check leaks under vehicle
112. Electric cooling fans check 
113. Steering wheel
114. Dash pad/instrument panel
115. Headliner
116. Passenger's sun visor
117. Passenger's side door trim panel
118. Passenger's seat upholstery and trim
119. Glove box
120. Carpet 
121. Floor mats
122. Center console, cup holder and arm rest
123. Driver's sun visor
124. Driver's side door trim panel
125. Driver's seat upholstery and trim 
126. Back of front seats
127. Package shelf*
128. Rear carpet
129. Rear cup holder
130. Floor mats
131. Side door trim panels 
132. Rear seat upholstery and trim 
133. Trunk/cargo area trim
134. Front bumper
135. Hood
136. Driver's side body panels
137. Passenger's side body panels 
138. Door sills and jambs 
139. Roof 
140. Trunk/ tailgate 
141. Rear bumper 
142. Glass 
143. Other plated or painted parts
144. Overall paint condition
145. Engine compartment
146. Trunk/cargo area
147. Interior 
148. Exterior 
149. Glass
150. Door sills and jambs
151. Decal removal 
152. License plates and frames